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Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
Wednesday, March 6th
Nearly New Fish will host a benefit sale at 3pm and at 4pm.  Admission to the benefit sale at 3pm will be a $10 cash donation.  Admission at 4pm will be either a $5 donation or two children's books in excellent condition.  All proceeds from the benefit sale will go to Martin-Pitt Partnership for Children.

Pre-sale shopping schedule
Greenville presale- Wednesday, 3/6

Volunteer 4-5 shifts10am
Volunteer 3 shifts   11am
Volunteer 2 shifts   12pm
Volunteer 1 shift      1pm
Consignors        2pm
Benefit sale ($10 donation)       3pm
Benefit sale ($5 or 2 books)            4pm
New Mom’s Club    6pm

**ALL volunteers may now shop early on ½ price day!
Volunteer 5 shifts10:00 am
All other volunteers11:00 am

Volunteer incentives:

  • Volunteers will get a $5 refund of their consignor fee.
  • Volunteer at least one shift, earn 70% of sales.
  • Volunteer at least four shifts, earn 75% of sales.
  • Volunteer five or more shifts and earn 80% of sales!
  • Most volunteer shifts have been reduced to 3 hours. (Double credit shifts will remain 4 hours.)
  • The more shifts you are able to help out with the earlier you can shop!
  • Childcare will be provided for the first 10 consignors registering for sorting shifts. Limit 2 children per consignor. Contact us by email to make reservations.
  • Each volunteer shift enters your into a drawing for 100% of your sales and allows you to shop earlier.
For more information or to sign up as a volunteer click here
Now everyone can come and shop a day early for the best deals!!
*Please note the format has changed for the admission to the benefit sale*
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!