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Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
Busy Parents

Want to consign, but don’t have time?
Sign up for our Busy Parents Service.

Would you love to take advantage of this great opportunity to rid your home of clutter and turn your items into cash, but simply do not have the time or desire to tag your items? Let us take care of everything for you and you will receive a check for 45% of your sales minus a $10 consignor fee at the conclusion of the sale. 

Want to earn more of your sales? Barter or volunteer for a shift. Receive credit for one shift and take $5 off your consignor fee; receive credit for 1-3 shifts and earn 50% of your sales; receive credit for 4 or more shifts and earn 55% of your sales.

As parents, we understand how busy life can be and are very excited to offer this service.

Sign up early! There will be a limited number of spaces available.

Here is how it works:
  • Contact us at nearlynewfish@gmail.com to      reserve your spot. We will respond to confirm        your reservation and set up a drop off time.
  • Clean out your kid’s closets, playroom, garage…    and gather your items to sell. Be sure to check our   list of acceptable items and make sure that all          clothing is in season. All items must be clean and    items that require batteries MUST include               batteries. You can provide a price list or we will   price items for you.  (see our pricing guide)
  • Drop off your items at your designated time. You     must have a signed Consignor Agreement to drop  off. All boxes or bags of items must be clearly        marked with your consignor #, whether you want   to discount items on ½ price day and if you want    to donate items at the conclusion of the sale. Any unacceptable items or seasonal items will not be tagged and will be donated.
  • You can use your consignor # and password to       track your sales.
  • If you choose to pick up items, you are                    responsible to pick up items on Wednesday, April 3rd from 10am-6pm. Any items remaining at 6pm  will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • You will receive a check in the mail within two      weeks.

Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!