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All of our consignor's are invited to our private sale, if you consign at least 25 items, or a minimum of $100 worth of items, you can shop at 2:00pm the day before the public can!
Nearly New Fish relies on volunteers to staff the event to keep overhead low and your profits up!!  All consignor's who volunteer for at least one shift will receive 50% off their consigner fee.  As an added incentive you will be able to shop the sale early on the consignor’s only sale and have first pick at the best stuff and the best prices.  The more shifts you work, the earlier you get to shop!!
  • Any consignor that volunteers a shift will earn 70% of their sales. 
  • If you volunteer 4 shifts, you will earn 75%. 
  • If you volunteer 5 or more shifts, you will earn 80% of your sales!
Here is the early shopper schedule:

Work 5 shifts:Shop at 10am and 10am on half price day!
Work 4 shifts:Shop at 10am
Work 3 shifts:Shop at 11am
Work 2 shifts:Shop at noon
Work 1 shift: Shop at 1pm and 11am on half price day!

Also for each shift you work, you will be entered in a drawing to earn 100% of your sales!  WOW!!

Spouses, friends, relatives and teens (14+ please) can work and count for one of your shifts! View schedule.

You will use your consignor number to sign up for shifts.  However, anyone can sign up to volunteer and shop early; simply choose to register as a worker.

Please thoughtfully consider before signing up for shifts.  A fee of $25 will be deducted from your earnings if you fail to work a shift.

Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
Don't have time to volunteer?  Check out our barters.
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!