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Step 1: Register by filling out our simple form.

Register early, we will be closing the registration and tagging system on
Tuesday, March 26th!

Step 2: Place your hanging items on hangers, set the price and create tags directly from our website!  Please follow the instructions on the links below for instructions pricing, preparing and hanging your items.
Pricing Guide
Preparing and hanging items
Creating your tags
(Don't worry, creating tags on our website is extremely easy and takes less time than handwriting them!!)

Step 3: Drop off your items
Sign up for a drop off time

When you arrive, please bring your items to our quality control station. Once inspected, you will then be directed where to take  your items. You will place your items on the appropriate shelves and racks. We will have volunteers present to assist you.

Step 4: Shop at our PRIVATE Consignor’s only sale.
The sale will take place on Thursday, March 28th at 2:00pm . You will receive your pass to the sale at drop-off.  **A minimum of 25 acceptable items or $100 worth of merchandise is required to take part in the consignor’s only sale.
Volunteers shop even earlier!!

Step 5: Pick-up or donate your items.
When you tag your items you will choose if you want to pick-up or donate items which do not sell. Pick-up will take place on, Tuesday, April 2nd from 10am-6pm. Any items not picked up by 6pm Monday, will be donated to a local charity.

Step 6: Receive your check!
Your check will be mailed within two weeks after the sale.

Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
We are now accepting spring and summer items for our upcoming sale.
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!